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Review: Ways of Worldmaking Exhibition at NMAO Osaka

Ways of Worldmaking @ The National Museum of Art, Osaka

an exhibition of contemporary Japanese art
4 October – 11 December 2011

Curated by Yasuyuki NAKAI
Sponsored by Ando Tadao Culture Foundation, Nomura Foundation, Daikin Foundation for Contemporary Arts
In Cooperation with Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media YCAM, Uetaya Co., ltd., Ozu Kanban Inc.

Ways of Worldmaking exhibition flyer & catalogue
NMAO 2011

Ways of Worldmaking Exhibition Review
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Yasuaki ONISHI

Reverse of Volume (2011). Black fiber. White space. Floor-level lights. Transparent matter with fine fiber moving along and above our existence, while caught in a fixed moment, yet connected, fragilely, to something.


Paramodelic – graffiti (2011). Plastic design. The exhibit is still not ready. The world is in the fragments on the floor. Life is work in progress.

Ryoko AOKI and Zon ITO

The State One Reaches by the Age of 9 (2011). White illuminated paper. Projections of beginnings of lines as in children’s drawings. Circles, fish, balloons, honeycomb hexagons on grid paper. Designing the structure of the world with a school-pen. A wooden board. A circle drawn, a disk of wood cut in the middle and pulled back. Projection of colours on the disk. Glimpse of a child’s imaginary. A child’s moon and centre of the visual private space. The ceiling lamp.

Kengo KITO

Five works with walls of golden paper.

Royal (2007). A huge ball-like object, colourful and covered with rotating blades in Christmas tree decoration. Universe. Power supply.

Flimsy Royal (2009). Fluorescent lights. Fragile, non-aggressive ribbons. Pink.

Cosmic Dust Red (Frank Lloyd Wright) (2011). Red on green, blue, purple + Glitter.

Cousin (2011). Glasses. For salt, perfume, candles and curiosities. Empty glass objects.

Untitled (scarves) (2011). Transparent scarves surrounding the Flimsy Royal fluorescent lights. The universe is hand-made. The universe is attention to the beauty of detail. In the middle, the fragile, the non-aggressive flimsiness.


Eleven works. Blank Map. Model of Something series. Games, dance & the Constructions series (2011). Table with plastic or wooden objects, tape, matches, packs of flour, toys, pink roses, bottles, hangers, buckets, covered in snowlike white powder. Lots of games. A devolutionary world whose people are gone someplace else.


Got, exists (2009-2010) series. Rumor (2009) – a twitter-like space with the keyword (or including the word) Got in Japanese. Got-maggot-escargot flowing in fake real-time messages of digital minds cohabiting the same world without ever meeting, interacting. Branched World (2011). A screen collapsed to the ground, the wall scratched, with visible traces of having had something ripped off. Pray (2009). Computers and computer mouses shown as praying hands. The cursor is programmed to move across the screen, where a folder Got is opened, without being clicked on. (2009) with different search engines google, yahoo, msn, and different popular websites Wikipedia, train schedule information sites, showing again the results of the Got search. On the side, all kinds of ads for Toeic English tests, gourmet hot spots etc., which make up the world of what people need to know and search these days. Got is dead (2011). Poster in a dark room. The room is the same. The poster changes every morning. The writing on the poster is always different, always about tomorrow. The Got is dead event starts on 2011.10.21. Today is 2011.10.20. – sort of shocking exactitude in numbers.


The Tenth Sentiment (2011). We are in the middle of a deep darkness where a small moving light is showing what we do not see. When we arrive to see something, we instinctively move back to get a better look. Slow movement showing galaxies of forms, unknown geometries, patterns resembling ink-splashed beginnings, down to metropoleis of shadows, seen from roads surrounded by sky-scrapers, or religious domes flying over our heads, to a world of traffic signs, signs, conventions, restrictions and finally, shadows of busy people. The small light gets to the end of the line and returns to the departure point with great speed, reviewing everything backwards, as the mind of a dying person.

Masanori HANDA

Green silhouette (2011). Geometrically designed made-in-Spain tiles covered in buttermilk. The milk breaks. Universe in flakes.

Junko KIDO

Closer : Sound of Silence series. Fall series. Hole. Skypot (2011). Glass on a silver surface. Reflection. Half of what you see is fake.

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