Friday, 10 February 2012

Simi Lab - Anatomy of Insane

So you were born in Japan.
You look different.
You think different.
You are "mixed".
What then?

You could do modelling.
Teach your father tongue on TV.
Stick to Hello, how are you? level.
Entertain the crowds. Be a circus bear.
Stop thinking for yourself. Someone else will do it for you.


Tell what you see.

Simi Lab Walk Man
uploaded by similablatoly here

Simi Lab is a Japanese group of young rappers, quite mixed and quite cool. Check out their official website.

Interview with Simi Lab here

Their first album Anatomy of Insane was released in 2011 by Independent Label Council Japan.

Listen to their music. We know it is all Japanese to you, but here is a tip: jazz musician and former University of Tokyo lecturer Naruyoshi Kikuchi is working with them on their US album release. We hope you will hear more of them.

Earth No Mad From SIMI LAB "Don't Touch Me feat. QN" 
uploaded by SUMMITube here

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