Saturday, 3 December 2011

A glimpse of Contemporary Iranian Art

Dr Patrick Ringgenberg (University of Geneva) is one of the most promising young scholars specialising in Islamic Studies and the author of the renowned Cultural Guide to Iran (2006). With a broad expertise and an extraordinary record of publications and research, his main interest focuses on Islamic Art and Architecture, Islamic Philosophy and Religious Thought. He has recently posted on his blog, images of contemporary art on the walls of Tehran. You can see more pictures and read the article in French here.

© Patrick Ringgenberg

You can buy Patrick Ringgenberg's books from : here here here .

大おすすめ: パトリック・リンゲンバーグ 『イラン文化へのガイド』 
( The Cultural Guide to Iran ) can be found on the following websites: here here here .

Enjoy !

For more on Contemporary Iranian Art, we recommend:

Tavoos Art magazine , a bilingual (Persian-English) online magazine on the arts
Modern and Contemporary Art in Iran  article on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website (October 2004)
Iranian Art Now about the Iran Inside Out exhibition in NY, on (2009)

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