Thursday, 15 December 2011

One of the funniest blogs ever, written by James. Full of truths and insights to cry over while eating pizza-flavoured popcorn, drinking diet-coke and wondering why in the world did you do something like this to yourself? You know, a PhD...


The Big Tenure Lie: The Good Ones Get Jobs
We gather in a small room on the third floor of the English department. It is December and a small group of graduates and over-zealous honors students have come to hear about chances of getting a job with a Ph.D. after they spend five, six, or seven years training in the discipline.
We are, theoretically, about to hear about the employment opportunities for humanities Ph.D.‘s. I’m optimistic and ready to take some notes. Mostly, I feel arrogant as I know that half of the students in the room won’t make the tenure cut. It’s survival of the strongest. I’ve seen many of their grades and assume that my own GPA is the highest in the room. Yes, deep down, I am an ugly competitive person. Too bad for them.
In 15 minutes, this arrogance will be sucked out.

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