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E-book Review: How to find a career with your humanities degree in 126 days

This is a review of How to find a career with your humanities degree in 126 days, an e-book which can be purchased from here

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How to find a career with your humanities degree
in 126 days : $20 

 It takes guts to buck the system

Old and new, ancient and modern, your dreams yesterday and your reality today, they all equal conflict.

While recognizing the value of who we are as individuals, full of dreams and poetic memories, the author of this e-book became aware of one important aspect: once dumped by the academic system, we lack vision to rebuild our own lives. We prefer to give up on ourselves so that we do not have to renounce our dreams. Our reveries. Our somnambulism. Our hallucinations.

In order to increase the number of choices you have at present from zero, should that be the case, and help you plan, organize, build relationships, self-manage, enhance your potential and eventually get yourself a job, James has written this e-book. It has humour, truths, emotional and practical benefits.

Take this e-book as a rehab programme. It is getting you back on your feet. There where you were supposed to be from the start. But somehow you ended up someplace else. You can say NO, NO, NO, but that will not help. Tomorrow will not feel any better.

Humanities are hard drugs. They are interesting. The more you advance in your studies, the stronger the addiction. A PhD is an overdose. Post-PhD unemployment afflicted on you is murder. Premeditated. Defend yourself, dammit! Do not allow in your life emotional distress and damage to your self-esteem. The academics are actively involved in the production, smuggling, trading and trafficking of this happy dust called The Humanities. They know it is not good for you. But that will not stop them. Still sniffing?

Unhappiness is the first sniff of trouble. Not sleeping much. Dandruff. Eating instant noodles over the computer’s keyboard. Smelling bad. Many of those of you graduating in humanities who do not manage to sort out your lives, to get your dream job or any other job, are perhaps not too thrilled to admit that you need help. You might have expressed this need several times, only to be told “Don’t you worry, you’ll do fine. Gotta go” (friends), “Wow, you really don’t know what you want” (careers service at the university union), “Oh, stop moaning and get back to work!” (professor Smith), “So proud of you…You’ll make a splendid scholar. Cupcakes?” (mum).

On the other hand, you do not really want to be helped. That happens when you are still somehow strangely addicted to a path you had previously chosen: all because of that high-level degree expected to lead to an esteemed career in the humanities and the classy activities associated with it: teaching, researching, publishing, conferencing, debating on The Culture Show on BBC2. The fact is, as long as Professor Smith is teaching, researching, publishing, etc., chances are that there is no room for your dreams to ever come true. Waiting for a new wing to be attached to the main building?

I am afraid that this e-book might be the only way for you to save your skin. Quickly. There is no point in insisting on living unhappily, really. How to find a career with your humanities degree in 126 days is a methodology book. It systematically takes you out of a system that does not work. Not written by an arse-hole who wants to make money out of your misery, but written by a young mate whose name is James and who has been where you are right now. This e-book takes you step by step, guiding you back to zero and helping you re-launch in a different direction. It is thoughtful and respectful. I bet you have not been shown much respect recently. So, come on, get out 20 bucks and learn how to get high the right way.

It is not easy when you feel let down. You will find many stories on the net, true stories. And not exactly stories of success. Rather sad stories written by smart people like you. People who have not yet overcome failure, not even today. The question is, after we tell our story, laugh and cry, what comes next? I have now on my desktop How to find a career with your humanities degree in 126 days. I read it because I choose to survive. So, how is this e-book helping really?

I graduated in humanities. I speak four languages, have been awarded four full scholarships, and studied in four countries. Four, four, what for? None of these has been good enough to get me a full-time job yet. I have been left no choice. I have to reinvent myself. Following the steps and monthly charts from this e-book, I reorganized my whole schedule. I started 5 days ago. I am still clumsy in my approach, but hope to improve. I started polishing my CV, moved the education section to the bottom of the page, deleted the scholarships section, brought back the details of my DTP part-time job. I decided to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, found a massive arts fair and two galleries where I can go get more part-time experience so that hopefully, next time I find a job I want, I have the guts to set my foot in the door and get it.

I have sent job applications for years, without getting any result. Now I see that my approach was not the best. So yesterday I gave up applying for a job at the Barbican (London) as Exhibitions Manager and one at the Metropolitan Museum (New York) as Online Community Manager. I hate to admit that my skills are still halfway there. Experience, not enough. But I got the person specification, experience required, core behaviours, and am slowly filling the gaps. It is not a magic number, just a new courage to try things, plan, organize, understand, build relationships, self-manage. I woke up already feeling better. Emotional benefit, tick.

Do you want to survive? Say YES, YES, YES and get the e-book. Quickly, before your partner gets sick and tired of your instant noodles.

The best of luck !

The Bosa Bosa Review

…trying to move to , what an adventure …getting new skills, though !

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