Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tadao Ando - Losing Battle After Battle

On 2 June 2011, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the Tadao Ando lecture tickets were sold out. Eighteen days later, the Osaka University Convention Center was full and cheerful. Everywhere he goes, young people crowd round him (check out the video with Bono in Dublin, below).

This is Tadao Ando, an Osaka-born genius. We are most honoured to have met him. Tadao has signed for us his Losing Battle After Battle, a book about architectural competitions which Tadao Ando has not won. About ideas, concepts, courage, failure, and the strength to keep going.

Tadao's proposed design for Museum aan de Stroom (1999)

The museum was finally designed by

It opened in 2011. View it on the museum's website.

This was Tadao's vision of what Tate Modern should look like (1995)

The building was designed by
Herzog & De Meuron (Switzerland).

It opened in 2000. Check it out on the Tate official website.

You can get more information on this book in English and Japanese here.

We have written in the past about Tadao events here and also published a short post on his fundraising efforts in the aftermath of the 11 March 2011 Tohoku catastrophe.

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Enjoy !

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