Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Arts Council England employment programme for young creatives

Arts Council England is the place where I would choose to work, if I could...but I cannot do that yet, since due to budget cuts, there are no offers available, and most of their employees' contracts have a good chance to expire in 2013...

What I wish I had before turning 24 though is the chance to a genuine option - Arts Council England launches employment programme for young people, that is an opportunity for some of you out there to see your creativity flourish and not go to waste. Get paid for your work. Rarissimo, don't cha think?

Jerwood Charitable Foundation supporting the creative industries
and you heard right, PAID internships

I said PAID, oh let me say that again, PAIDDDDD....doesn't that sound wonderful? 

Very proud, Arts Council England !

The Bosa Bosa Review editor-in-chief

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