Sunday, 15 April 2012

Art and Kids - Safe Play with Baby Color

This is a special post, dedicated to colours, kids and parents concerned with safe toys, safe crayons and white walls. Art educators in schools and museums may sneak a peek.

NEWS* In Japan, "Baby Color" (Privee A.G. Corporation Japan) has won the Kids Design Award 2011 and was chosen 1st in the Kids Safety section.

The Honey Sticks Beewax Crayons from New Zealand are comparably smart, yet Baby Color's "spinning top" design has many more features.

BABY COLOR crayons (Japan):

They do not break.

They can be chewed on.

The colours are easily removed from your walls.


DESIGN: They look fantastic.

FUN GAMES: Kids can spin them like tops.

ART EDUCATION: You can teach your kids about art.

Teach your kids about abstract art, modern sculpture, Parisian artists and the Endless Column.

Constantin Brancusi, Endless Column, in Targu-Jiu
uploaded by dlee29 here on 27Feb2007

Read to them about another of Brancusi's sculptures bearing the same title, Endless Column, in the MoMA collection in New York.

Kids know that art is not just about drawing trees and flowers.


These coloured tops are so so much fun.

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