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Pin it ! The Best Museum in the World - touch and feel (the enamel)

Whoaaahhh... When we created The Coolest Museum in Japan video, we did not know that The Otsuka Museum of Art of fakes has already been nominated for The Best Museum in the World title.


The treachery of images. This is a pipe. This is not a pipe.

Rene Magritte, The Treachery of Images.This is not a pipe (1929)

Question. (Art Historians and 3 others like this)

(Supposing that the answer was no, this is not a pipe) Does an image of an object satisfy emotionally? Hmmm...

Magritte knits verbal signs and plastic elements together, but without referring them to a prior isotopism. He skirts the base of affirmative discourse on which resemblance calmly reposes, and he brings pure similitudes and nonaffirmative verbal statements into play within the instability of a disoriented volume and an unmapped space. A process whose formulation is in some sense given by Ceci n’est pas une pipe.
(Michel Foucault, This is Not a Pipe, 1968) 

Answer. (Art Historians and 2 others dislike this, Martin cogitates)

We do not know. Yet an image of an image might. Or might not. Disclose, enclose the meaning of the world that is ready-at-hand. Reveal, shut down the truth of the artwork. The relations in which Dasein, or human beings of global communities whose culture has changed, exists.

This is not a pipe. This is a museum of fakes. The biggest museum in Japan. No canvases. No guards. No thefts. No iconoclasm. No crates. No condition-check. No restauration. (No emotion or butterflies stirred by the exciting view of thick layers of old paint dried on canvas either.) A real museum of fakes. Open to enamel-lovers only.

Gallery Talks (by robots) thrice a day.

The Best Museum in the World: The Otsuka Museum of Art , Japan

video uploaded by nordanstad on 8 Jan 2011 here

Even Google Art Project cannot do much here !

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