Sunday, 22 April 2012

Arts Future Book

You have got 60-80 thousand written words on art? Why not try print them in the academic book series ArtsFutureBook? I should hope it is open to all.

Call for Submissions

We invite proposals for monographs, single author studies and essay collections (including anthologies based upon conference proceedings) on arts and visual culture. Our objective is to publish texts that will redefine academic arts and humanities publishing through their content and format, as well as reach wider academic audiences and foster new knowledge experiences. This being the case, we welcome proposals on recent developments in art and visual culture that clearly benefit from not being confined to print alone. We favour the exploration of art’s relationship with technology as well as works that pioneer new theories or critical systems. Text length and final formats (in addition to the printed book) will vary according to the type of publication, with the average being 60,000–80,000 words.

See more on the ArtsFutureBook website.

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